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“Greg Davidson just made me two new legs last weekend and WOW! I honestly love the fit of all the legs that Greg has built for me but the performance of the newest design is AMAZING! I believe its called the modified cheetah extend. so this leg is worn without a shoe but can be made to work with a shoe, I prefer without just because I can really feel all that the carbon fiber spring has to offer. With this model my agility is better than ever, its the next best thing to a real leg, in fact its damn near the same. Right now I’m just seriously wowed by how awesome this prosthetic is. I’ve been an amputee for almost 7 years now and i have been with Greg for about 4 years. Greg Davidson is by far the best in the business. I say that with extreme confidence. I’ve seen several Prosthetists over the years and been to amazing state of the art facilities with great prosthetists and Greg Davidson is hands down without a doubt, THE BEST!

With this leg I can pivot better than ever before. My ability to stop fast and then take off in a full sprint is ridiculous how comfortable and effortless it is. I have the running/sprinting ability of the running leg but it’s also very comfortable to walk in which is huge if you’re an athletic person into intense sports.”


Carlo Adame

U.S. Army Sergeant First Class (Ret.)

LS Warriors (2B) #33


Hi David,

“I just built a new leg for Carlo.  The increased rear curve produces more dynamic movement of the spring when running or doing high impact sports.  It looks wild but walks extremely well and is amazing for baseball!  He prefers to not use it in a shoe so I installed mountain bike tire for tread, and showed him how to re-tread it so he can keep the tread in good shape.  He plans to use it for everyday activity and softball/baseball.”

Greg Davidson, Prosthetist, Davidson Prosthetics

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