A man wearing a black hat and a gray shirt.

David Van Sleet
General Manager

A man in camouflage shirt and hat standing next to wall.

Curtis Pride
Head Coach

A baseball player wearing red and white is standing on the field.

Kevin Mench

A man in a baseball uniform poses for the camera.

Len Whitehouse
Pitching Coach

A man in suit and tie smiling for the camera.

John Kruk
Honorary Coach

A baseball player wearing a red shirt and hat.

Kirby Retzer
Strength and Conditioning Coach

A woman standing in front of a building.

Samantha Retzer
Team Assistant

Lauren Hobbs

Lauren Hobbs
Social Media Coordinator

Two men standing next to each other on a baseball field.
Len Whitehouse, Curtis Pride
Two men standing on a baseball field wearing patriotic shirts.
Curtis Pride, Kevin Mench
A group of men standing on top of a baseball field.
Kirby Retzer, David Van Sleet, Len Whitehouse, Curtis Pride
A man in white shirt and blue shorts holding baseball glove.


David Van Sleet

Curtis Pride

Samantha Retzer